Secure Biometric Signature

Out of box biometric handwritten signature to digitally sign documents

What is Secure Biometric Signature?

Digital Transition

Data Validation Suite, DVS, architecture.

Today, digital transition has become a necessity. Digital transition requires serious work on the system.

It is necessary to restructure processes, security precautions, technology and laws in detail In addition, the transition to digital; reduce paper, printing and archiving costs, as well as process transformations bring new marketing opportunities.

Biometric Handwritten Signature

Biometric Handwritten Signature is much more than an electronic image

Biometricsis the measurement and statistical analysis of people's physical and behavioral characteristics.

The biometric technology is mainly used for identification and access control, or for identifying individuals that are under surveillance.

The basic premise of biometric authentication is that everyone is unique and an individual can be identified by his or her intrinsic physical or behavioral traits.

Biometric Handwritten Signature is much more than an electronic image, the handwritten signature of a person has parameters of pressure, acceleration, speed, and rhythm.

Due to amount of the data contains more information than handwritten signatures, it increases security, reduces workload, accelerates processes and removes paper.


The process of signing a digital document on a tablet or a signing device with your own hand


Once a signature, including all the biometric parameters, has been embedded into a document, it is turned into a signed and sealed PDF


Anyone can verify the signature and content integrity anywhere and at any time. Thus, unrecognized, post-signing manipulations are impossible


Biometric signatures represent an ideal bridge between the long-recognized convention of signing a document and the need for electronic documents to be uniquely recognized by individuals

Why Biometric Signature?

You can decrease costs and increase productivity at same time.


Decreases paper-based, printer-based and archiving costs.


Accelerates key business processes


Biometric Signatures are more trustworthy than paper-based signatures


Improved customer experience, reduced costs and increased productivity give you a competitive advantage


Your investment returns in a year


You will go through the same procedure that regulates hard copy


It’s easy to install and integrate to current business workflows and application


1 tree makes 8,333 sheets

Areas of Usage

Financial Instutions

Insurance Companies
Tax Authorities
Investors, Brokage Agencies
Credit Agencies


Communication Services
Subscription Services
Real Estates
Travel Agencies
Sales Points

Public and Health

Public Services


Certification and Audit Bodies
Certified Accountants
Certified Engineers

On-premise Solution Workflow

Creating Specimen Signature Databases

A reference signature database must be created for all users (internal, external) who use services of the closed system. The reference database must have at least 4 signatures for each user. However, more reference signatures can be added to this database if desired.

Electronic Document Presentation

The electronic document (in PDF format) to be signed is created via data processing infrastructure and applications (ERP, CRM, MS Office, HTML) or PDF Server.

Signing and Verification

User signs PDF with tablet or signature pads. The signature is automatically verified with the specimen signatures in the Specimen Signature Database. The system compares the biometric (static and dynamic) properties of the signatures. If the system verifies the signature with the reference signatures the system authorizes this person to sign the document.

Attach Other Documents

For additional evidence, optional information can be encoded and embedded to documents. For instance photo of signer, id card of signer, timestamp, location info or digital certificates.

Saving and Securing

When biometrical signature is inserted into a document, document becomes electronically signed and integrity of the document is secured. Unauthorized person cannot change the document from now on.


Biometrically signed and saved electronic document can be also processed again in company IT systems and systems that manage electronic documents and processes.

Secure Biometric Handwritten Signature Solutions

Power your backend with our powerful SDK.

Client Applications

Android, iOS and Windows compatible client applications developed according to ISO/IEC 19794

Sign Server

Manages signing, encoding and saving PDF documents

Verification Server

Verifies signatures online using specimen signature database

PDF Template Server

Manages and helps to create PDF document templates for business workflows


Java APIs help you to integrate biometric signing processes to your applications

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